Magical E-Courses Now Offered at Inked Goddess Creations

We here at Inked Goddess Creations are so excited to be featuring these magical courses from Renée Starr, and are so honored to have been chosen as an affiliate so that we can offer them to you! 

Renée Starr is an award winning author, mythologist, moonologist, wild witch and seeker of ancient wisdom for the modern woman. She offers her book, 'You Are Woman, You Are Divine', as a guide for the modern woman's journey back to The Goddess, along with her many classes, workshops, circles and a variety of retreats. 

These are the courses we are currently offering here at Inked Goddess Creations through the affiliate program with Renee Starr:

Please use the links above to access course descriptions and to enroll in the courses. As interest and participation in courses offered through Inked Goddess Creations increases, we will offer more classes through the affiliate program. 

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