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Spellcraft; The Art of Magic E-Course

Morgan Moss

Posted on August 20 2017

Inked Goddess Creations Presents Spellcraft; The Art of Magic E-Course

Spellcraft; The Art of Magic E-Course



Magic is the natural, and innate ability that you have to gather towards you all of the subtle, unseen forces, and power of the universe, and combine them with your own inner power, and then focus this to bring something in - or out of your life. One of the most traditional, and successful ways of doing this is to cast a spell, which is very similar to a prayer, or wish. 

The practice of spellcraft is ancient, sacred and powerful. It is an art that once mastered, can help you to create the life that you wish to live in the most magical, blissful, and graceful way.  A spell is usually written, but it can also be something that is said aloud with intention, such as when you say ‘And, so it is’, and it can be both written, and spoken aloud for even more power. 

For a spell to be successful, it requires a very strong, clear feeling of what you wish to happen, an object to focus your feeling on, such as a candle, crystal, or the objective itself, the empowerment of the spell, which is the energy that you will be gathering towards you, through you, and into the spell, a ritual - simple, or elaborate, that you will perform to gather energy, and finally the release, and surrender of all this to the Universe. 

I have been practicing magic for many years, and will share with you all that I have come to understand about the inner workings of simple, natural magic that will not only support your spellcraft in a very special, and unique way, but will also help you to cast spells that come from confidence, power, and love, rather than fear, doubt, and worry. 



  • We Are All Connected
  • Inner Power
  • Protection From Within
  • Ritual, Ceremony & Sacred Space
  • Elemental Magic
  • Seasonal Magic
  • Wand, Stone & Feather Magic
  • Timing Your Magic with The Planetary Hours
  • Timing Your Magic with The Moon
  • The Magic of the 7 Sacred Planets 
  • The Magic of the 7 Sacred Color Rays 
  • The Magic of the Solar & Lunar Zodiac  
  • Symbols, Sigils, Amulets, Angels & Talismans
  • Plant Spells
  • Tarot Spells
  • Crystal Spells
  • Writing Spells
  • Casting Spells

Renée Starr is an award winning author, mythologist, moonologist, wild witch and seeker of ancient wisdom for the modern woman. She offers her book, 'You Are Woman, You Are Divine', as a guide for the modern woman's journey back to The Goddess, along with her many classes, workshops, circles and a variety of retreats. 



We here at Inked Goddess Creations are so excited to be featuring these magical courses from Renée Starr, and so honored to have been chosen as an affiliate so that we can offer them to you! 

Please note: 

  • Once you click 'Enroll Here', you will be taken to another site to read more about the course, and complete your tuition payment. 
  • Your purchases of magical e-courses are separate from other product purchases, and will be paid directly to Renée Starr via PayPal. 
  • Your enrollment in an e-course is non-refundable. 


COST: $75 for Entire Course

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