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May's Magick Mail Subscription Box- Fairy Magick

Morgan Moss

Posted on May 19 2016

May Magick Mail Subscription Box- Fairy Magick


May's energy is full of playfulness, abundance and magickal opportunity. The May 2016 Magick Mail box was full of items to entice and honor the fey.

May 2016's Magick Mail Box contained (underlined links head to items now available for purchase):

  • Fairy Magick Oil*- 1/2 oz glass bottle. This blend of Rose, Dragon's Blood, Lavender and Oakmoss oils with Rose Petals and Oakmoss added in. It helps call on the Fairy Realm to ask their help in a spell working or ritual. Its playful scent helps lighten a dense situation or environment. $12 Value
  • Fairy Magick Votive Candle* blended with Rose, Dragon's Blood and Lavender for honoring the fey. $2 Value
  • Dyed Crackle Quartz Point to add to your fairy garden or altar. Fairies are attracted to bright colors and shiny objects, making this the perfect gemstone to help in fairy magick spells. $4 Value
  • Fairy Realm Herbal Green Tea* blend sample $1 Value
  • Fairy Magick Necklace*- Glass dome filled with star-shaped fairy wishing dust and a cute fairy charm, on a velvet chain. $12 Value
  • Faerie Garden Soap sample- All-natural olive oil and shea butter soap, blended with lavender, rose, hints of sandalwood and a dash of patchouli. Made for this Magick Mail subscription box by Farmers Soapery$3 Value
  • Fairy Dreams Incense- A blend of musk and raspberry. $1.50 Value
  • Fairy Garden Plantable Seed Paper- Start your fairy garden in a unique way. Directions with paper. $5.00 Value
  • Fairy Money- Fun to place out for the fairies. $2.00 Value (Or $1,000,000 in the Fairy Realm)

Total Value of the May Magick Mail: $42.50
Shipping Costs Saved: $5

*Inked Goddess Creations Exclusive Merchandise

Magick Mail subscription box from Inked Goddess Creations is a monthly box full of surprise magickal goodies, delivered directly to your door. Each month, you are guaranteed at least 3 full-sized products and multiple samples which all fit into the month's theme. Magick Mail subscriptions come in month-to-month subscription for $24 per month, a 3 month pre-pay subscription for $22 per month, or 6 month pre-pay subscription for $20 per month.

We also offer the Divine Goddess Box, which comes with 4 products that correspond to a Goddess of the month!




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