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August 2020 Inked Goddess Creations Box: Kitchen Witch 2

August 2020 Inked Goddess Creations Box: Kitchen Witch 2

August 2020 Inked Goddess Creations Box: Kitchen Witch 2

August 2020's "Kitchen Witch 2" themed Inked Goddess Creations Box contained items that both seasoned and beginner kitchen witches can use to create magick n the kitchen.

  • Kitchen Witch Apron* - $20 value
  • Making Magick in the Kitchen Booklet* - $5 value
  • Grounding and Psychic Kitchen Witch Magickal Culinary Blends Sample 2-Pack* - $6 value
  • Kitchen Magick Measuring Cups & Spoons Combo* - $10 value
  • Kitchen Witch Decal* - $4 value
  • Kitchen Witch Votive Candle* - $2.50 value
  • "Cooking with Magickal Intentions" Eclectic Witch Card Deck Expansion Pack* - $6 value

Total Inked Goddess Creations Box value this month: $53.50

* Inked Goddess Creations Exclusive Product

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About Our Box:

The Inked Goddess Creations Box is a monthly box full of surprise magickal goodies delivered directly to your door. Each month, you are guaranteed at least 3 full-sized products and multiple samples which all fit into the month's theme. IGC Box subscriptions come in a month-to-month subscription for $32 per month , a 3-month pre-pay subscription for $91 , or 6-month pre-pay subscription for $173. We've added a one-time purchase option to send as a gift or to try a month with no commitment, and you can also now purchase one-time boxes for Canadian and international orders!

A portion of our profits are donated each month to select charities that are close to our hearts.

About Our Packaging:

Our shipping boxes and tissue paper are made from 100% recycled material. Our choice to use eco-friendly packaging is our way of helping beautiful Mother Earth.

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