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March 2019 Inked Goddess Creations Box- Divine Egypt

Morgan Moss

Posted on March 22 2019

March 2019 Inked Goddess Creations Box- Divine Egypt


March 2019's "Divine Egypt" themed Inked Goddess Creations Box is full of items that explore the powerful symbolism and spirituality of Ancient Egypt.

The "Divine Egypt" Inked Goddess Creations Box contained:

  • Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Pyramid $10 Value
  • Egyptian Magick Mist*  $9 Value
  • Egyptian Temple Herb & Resin Incense* $8.50 Value
  • Isis Goddess Votive* $2.50 Value
  • Isis & Thoth Book of Shadows Pages from Blade and Broom Botanica  $2 Value
  • Scarab Charm with Scarab Book of Shadows Page $2.50 Value
  • Hieroglyphics Book of Shadows Page $1 Value
  • Papyrus Paper Sheet $1 Value

Total Inked Goddess Creations Box Value This Month: $36.50
Shipping Costs Saved: $5.00

*Inked Goddess Creations Exclusive Product

Inked Goddess Creations Box is a monthly box full of surprise magickal goodies, delivered directly to your door. Each month, you are guaranteed at least 3 full-sized products and multiple samples which all fit into the month's theme. Inked Goddess Box subscriptions come in month-to-month subscription for $25 per month, a 3 month pre-pay subscription for $70, or 6 month pre-pay subscription for $125. We recently added a one-time purchase option, to send as a gift, or to try a month with no commitment.


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