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Our next product launch is Saturday, May 21st at 9am PST!
Our next product launch is Saturday, May 21st at 9am PST!
Solitary Witch Samhain Ritual- Prerecorded Video and Outline PDF

Solitary Witch Samhain Ritual- Prerecorded Video and Outline PDF

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Happy Samhain, witches! This pre-recorded Solitary Witch Samhain Ritual was created by Morgan for the Inked Spirit membership group for 2020's Samhain. She is sharing it with you all today not only as day 23 of 31 Days of Samhain, but also as a way to show you what Inked Spirit has to offer. There is a pre-recorded video ritual for each of the sabbats, complete with downloadable outline sheets that you can add to your book of shadows. 

An Inked Spirit monthly membership includes:

  • A minimum of 2 live lessons with Morgan on magickal topics that fit the flow and energy of the month. One lesson is a Zoom workshop where you apply the knowledge of the month and come together with your fellow group members.

  • A downloadable Book of Shadows page set, designed by Morgan, and possible other bonus materials to accompany our live lessons.

  • Entrance into a private Facebook Group for members only, with other eclectic witches like you, where we have weekly and daily discussion prompts and activities!

  • Access to ALL past months' content, including a Member's Video Vault of recorded content in our member's own areas of the Inked Goddess Creations website! That's over a year's worth of content!

  • Access to the Inked Spirit Journal- a member's only blog, with Weekly Astrology Reports.

  • Downloadable Visionary Magick Cards, Bullet Journaling Printables, Coloring Pages, and more, that resonate with the month's theme.

  • Access to member's first Inked Goddess Creations products at a discount!

  • Member-guided content in the group and the possibility of sharing your own knowledge in a workshop or weekly column.


All for just $25 a month! So, if you'd like to start your Witch's New Year off in an extra magickal way, head over to and sign up to join us! We'd love to have you as a part of our witchy community!

Enjoy this ritual, and Happy Samhain!

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