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Creating a Magical Life Web Series

Morgan Moss

Posted on July 02 2015

Over the years, I've been asked by different people how I maintain my stress-less outlook on life. At first, I would just shrug my shoulders and give the answer of, "Not sure. I just don't freak out about stuff, I guess." The more I was asked, the more I started to analyze exactly what it was about the way I look at life that separates me from other people.

I was able to narrow it down into 5 main points:
  1. Be Yourself
  2. Gratitude
  3. Live in the Moment
  4. Simplify Your Life
  5. Put Out What You Want to Get Back
Before I had the Inked Goddess Creations YouTube channel, I put my ideas to video and shared them on my YouTube channel that's devoted to my mom blog. The response was fine, but I think those who have found Inked Goddess Creations are the audience who would take my philosophy to heart a little more. 
So here it is, my Creating a Magical Life web series. I tried condensing down my videos, but as I
(apparently) like to talk and really explain things, they are longer than the 2 minute attention span of most YouTube video watchers (myself included- I love a good "Funny Cats" video). I recorded a new video each week, but take however much time in between videos that you need to truly feel a positive change within yourself. You can always bookmark this page and come back to it, and the next video, when you feel you are moving forward in a positive direction.
I hope you all enjoy the web series! Feel free to comment and share this with others who you think would love to be living a Magical Life!

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