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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
The Magick of Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

The Magick of Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

For most of us, it’s the same thing year after year. Make a resolution, throw ourselves into it at first, and by February it’s merely a dream. I, too, suffer from this vicious circle of self-defeat each year, until I changed the way I looked at things. Below are a few of my tips for making your resolutions work, based on personal experience:The Magick of Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Change your wording. “I will lose weight this year” is no good. “I will lose 10 pounds this year” is okay. “I will lose 10 pounds by May through diet and exercise” is better, but all of these statements set you up for defeat. If you don’t lose those 10 pounds by May and you feel guilty beyond belief. “I am in the process of losing weight and becoming more healthy” not only subconsciously keeps you motivated, but it just makes you feel better when you say it. Try it now. Think of a resolution you have set, and reword it to say, “I am in the process of . . .”. Are you smiling now? Do you feel a little relief and encouragement? You’re one step closer already! Make sure you repeat these resolutions to yourself daily, as affirmations. The positive reinforcement of them in your mind will also help make them more achievable. 

2) Use the Moon. The power of the different moon phases have been used for thousands of years to accomplish things. Work with the energies each month to make reaching your goals easier.

*Full Moon– Attracting positive things to you; bringing fulfillment into your life.

*Waning Moon & Dark Moon- Good for banishing unwanted habits/things from your life (stop smoking, eliminate debt, lose weight, etc).

*New Moon– Good for starting  things brand new/ reinventing yourself

*Waxing Moon– Attracting positive things to you (getting organized, add motivation to goal)

3) Reflect at the end of each day. Try to do 1 small thing each day to accomplish your goals, and make sure to note it at the end of the day. Going to bed with even the smallest sense of accomplishment will help you wake up motivated to take the next step. And, if they day didn’t go as you planned with your goals, don’t beat yourself up. Take a negative and turn it into a positive. “I shouldn’t have had that double cheeseburger today, but now I know to take a healthy snack bar with me when I run errands so I don’t stop for fast food.” Concentrate on the positive, and share your gratitude for what you have accomplished. Gratitude goes a LONG way!

Simple steps to help you achieve your goals this new year!!


Author Bio:

Morgan is the owner of Inked Goddess Creations. When she's not working on store stuff, she enjoys watching ridiculous shows and 80s movies with her kids, cuddling with her dogs- Ariya Stark and John Snow, pretending she's going to take a day off to relax, experimenting in the kitchen, and plotting ways to annoy her husband for the next 18 years, as it has worked so well for them for the last 18. You can read more serious info on the shop's About Us page.


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