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Our Ostara Live Gem Sale is Saturday, March 16th at 10 am PT! Click to RSVP!
Wards, Spells & Circles: Supplies & Practices For Spiritual Protection

Wards, Spells & Circles: Supplies & Practices For Spiritual Protection

As we approach Samhain, the veil between the physical and the spirit world is thinning. Have you been seeing things out of the corner of your eye lately? Maybe you feel as if you’re not alone when there’s supposed to be no one else in your house. Having an arsenal of protective rituals, spells, and supplies is essential throughout the year, and even more so during the dark months. Wards, Spells & Circles: Supplies & Practices For Spiritual Protection

We’ve curated a list of protective supplies and recommendations for clearing and protecting your space this month and all year long. Read on for more ideas, and allow your intuition to guide you as you add some protection to yourself and your loved ones. 

Protective Supplies 

Before you run out to your favorite store to gather up protection supplies, know that you can set a protective boundary for yourself with supplies that are probably already in your kitchen or herb cabinet. That said, the following supplies for protective rituals and spells are nice to have on hand. Some you can pick up at the grocery store, while others you’ll have to find at a metaphysical shop.


Black salt, specifically, is known for its protective and banishing properties. But if you don’t have any on-hand, use white table salt for protection and cleansing. For more information on the different types of salt to use in your magickal practice, check out this post


A solid black candle and solid white candle are perfect for protection spells. The black candle will draw negative energies to it, and the white will encourage positive ones.


If you collect crystals, incorporating blue goldstone, hematite, black tourmaline, or tiger’s eye into your practice will help amplify your magick. Selenite is also a fantastic stone to have handy for clearing negative energies from yourself and your space. 


Rosemary, angelica, horehound, mistletoe, wood betony, and juniper berries all carry protective properties. Don’t be afraid to explore different combinations to reach your desired effect. Rosemary with juniper, for example, can help eliminate negative energies associated with an illness. 

Red Brick Dust

This ingredient is a little harder to get your hands on, but certainly worth the effort. Legend has it that the practice of using red brick dust for protection came from the famous Voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau in New Orleans. Sprinkle some in front of your door to keep out unwanted visitors or use it in your spells to add an extra boost of protection. 

Bat Head Root

This botanical, which is actually a seed pod, looks like a bat’s head or dragon’s head and can be used to protect your home when hung near a door or window. You can also carry it with you for protection. 

Graveyard Dirt

Although graveyard dirt can be used for darker purposes, sprinkling it around the outside of your home in a continuous circle can ward it from evil spirits, negative energy, and hexes. If you can gather dirt from an ancestor’s grave, it’s said to be even more protective, but most witches agree it’s not necessary. Graveyard dirt can be quite potent, no matter the source.


A bit of snakeskin in a spell bottle or buried along the perimeter of your property can offer protection from energies or people who may want to harm you. Some even use it for magickal pest control, to ward a home from rodents, which are a snake’s natural prey. 


Burn resins like frankincense and copal on a charcoal disk to clear your space of negative energy and invite in good energy. Both have purifying effects and a warm mellow smell. 

Regardless of which supplies you choose for your practice, remember that you are the source of the magick. You can even set a clear protective boundary without any supplies at all.


Setting a Protective Circle 

Although some witches prefer to use magickal supplies when setting a protective circle, you can do so without anything besides your intentions. Before sitting down to meditation or any magickal practice, close your eyes and imagine a ring of white light surrounding you. You may wish to invoke your patron deity or call out to the four directions for protection. 

If you’d like to mark out your circle physically, you can do so with any protective incense or herb that works for you. Saltwater and white candles are also useful tools for creating the circle. Remember, it is the energy and intention that you put into your circle that is the most important, so be sure to set it from a place of high energy and positivity.


Smudging to Clear Negative Energy 

No matter how positive you may be, negative energy can collect around your body and home. Sometimes this negative energy can have a significant impact on your mind and health. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your home from negative energies is to clear the space regularly. Smudging is a time-honored spiritual practice that can help cleanse the air by burning dried herbs and wafting the smoke throughout your space. 

Although white sage is perhaps the best-known herb for smudging, its popularity has put white sage at risk. So, if you choose to smudge with white sage, please be mindful of your supplier and look for organically and sustainably grown sage. Even better, if white sage will grow well in your region, consider planting some in your garden! 

Quality alternatives for smudging include cedar, pine, rosemary, lemon balm, and black sage. 

If you’ve never cleared your space by smudging, it’s very simple. You’ll need a smudge bundle or smudge stick, a non-flammable dish or seashell, a lighter or matches, and a feather if you’d like. Simply light your bundle like you would an incense stick – blow out the flames if it catches fire – and then spread the smoke around your body first, using your hand or the feather. Then walk around clockwise in your space to clear the room. Continue throughout your house. 

A word of caution: If you have familiars around your home, opt against smudging. The smoke can be harmful to some animals.


Alternative Ways to Clear Your Space 

Using a clearing spray made from essential oils is a great way to clear a space of negative energies without worrying about setting the smoke detector off. Sprays also tend to have a more pleasant aroma than smudging herbs. 

You can also use an altar bell or a Tibetan singing bowl to clear your space. The vibration from either a bell or bowl helps keep unwanted visitors away. It will also help break up any stagnant or negative energy hanging out in the air. If bells and bowls aren’t your thing, drums can have a similar effect!


Protection During Mercury Retrograde 

It happens three or four times a year, so of course, we had to share how to protect yourself during Mercury Retrograde – which, incidentally, happens on October 31st this year! Use your favorite protective crystal with your phone and electronic devices during Mercury Retrograde. While we also recommend backing up all the systems you use for communication regularly – your website, photo libraries, contact lists – it can’t hurt to use a little magick too! 

Using essential oils of frankincense, lemongrass, and bergamot on your body and in your practice can help you go with the flow a little easier during this crazy time. It’s also a good idea to clear your space using one of the methods mentioned above. 

Remember, your intentions and energies help fuel your magick. We’d love to hear how you use protective supplies or rituals in your practice!

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