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Large Selenite Charging Plate- Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

$ 14.00

Easily cleanse and charge your crystals with a Selenite Charging Plate from Inked Goddess Creations.

Selenite is a form of gypsum whose name means "Moon Glow". Shimmery and full of a moon-like luster, this mineral is highly revered in the metaphysical community. Selenite resonates with the Third Eye and Crown chakras, making this tower perfect for meditation and connecting with a higher spiritual source. When placed in a room, it promotes a peaceful atmosphere. 

Selenite is one of the only gemstones available that not only cleanses itself, but can cleanse and program other gemstones. When stones, crystals, pendulums, gemstone wands, etc are placed on the selenite charging plate, the selenite cleanses negative energy from the stones, making it easier for you to program them with your intentions. Stones should be left on the charging plate for around 24 hours to be fully cleansed and charged.

Each Large Selenite Charging Plate measures approximately 6" long by 1.5" wide and .25" thick. The sculpted point on one end helps direct positive energy down through the plate and gemstones, and out of the end, making sure your crystals get thoroughly cleansed and charged. While the Selenite Charging Plate is self-cleansing, I do like to leave mine in the full moon overnight for an extra boost of energy.

The Selenite Charging Plates can also double as altar tiles, offering tiles, pillar candle holders and more, when not in use as a charging plate.

Please allow for natural variances in stone striations, shape and cut. We have several in stock, so you will not get the exact one pictured here, though it will be similar in size. Stones and other items in picture are not included.

Check out the store for smaller selenite charging plates and plenty of other selenite items!

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