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Brigid Goddess Set, Celtic Goddess of Fire and Inspiration

$ 20.00

Treat yourself or a loved one with this Brigid Goddess Set from Inked Goddess Creations.

Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of Fire and Inspiration, whose energies include Healing, and Vitality. Her signature blend is Chamomile, Sage and Lavender, which can be found throughout all of her specially blended products. A Fire Agate gemstone is included with this set, to further connect with Brigid's fiery energy.

These Goddess Sets were put together to honor each Goddess and help one align with the Goddess's energy. Each Goddess has her own signature blend here at Inked Goddess Creations, one that was heavily researched to resonate with the Goddess. The gemstones or talismans were also carefully chosen, so you get a full Goddess connection experience in each set!

Each Goddess Set contains an Informational Card about your Goddess, a Votive Jar Candle, a Goddess Perfume Oil, a full-sized Goddess Mist and a gemstone or talisman that resonates with your Goddess. You can read more about the blends in their independent listings, by running a search for the Goddess in our search bar at the top of the page!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect set

I bought this set for a friend for her birthday! She loved it and all the scents were amazing. The crystal was good quality and the candle is lasting. It’s a beautiful set.

Love it

I love this box. I've been burning the candle since Brigid's Day (Feb 1). It's so beautiful, soft gentle energy and a beautiful soft yellow color. The mist is lovely, I use it at bedtime for my sheets. The oil is very soft and helps me feel close to the goddess when I put it on in the morning. The stone is beautiful and is currently gracing my altar as part of my month of love set up. Beautiful box all around!

Brigid Goddess Box

I chose Brigid as I am mentally ill and she is known for healing among other things. The tools in this box help me feel closer to her. The only issue I have is the herbs in the mist can clog the sprayer. I haven’t had it very long, but I’m almost out of the mist because I love it so much! I use the candle for the nineteen day prayer found in the back of the book, “Tending Brigid’s Flame” and it’s lasted long so far. I definitely plan on reusing the jar. The perfume is nice, but doesn’t have much throw. It doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t interfere with the perfumes I use. I use the stone for meditation and as a representation on my altar as I have no funds for a statue right now. I’ll definitely be re-ordering this box and possibly others in the future.

Brigid Goddess Box

This is my first time ordering from Inked Goddess Creations. Everything came packaged so nice. I love this box so much I will be ordering again soon.This would also make a wonderful gift! Thank you for the time you put into making everything so special! 💜

She's my favorite!

I really enjoyed getting this box, and I love the biodegradable packaging!

Candle - I love my candle! It’s a pretty pale yellow color, and it smells sweet & gentle & soft, and slightly powdery. When it’s done, I can use the glass for other candles, or for storing little things!
Oil - I love the beautiful stone in this one, and the smell is really nice! It’s a gentle, sweet, floral thing with dry herbal undertones. There’s a certain fresh sharpness in the bottle, which dries to a gentle, warm, soothing, sweet smell. It’s such a fitting scent, and a really pretty oil!
Mist - This mist has a powdery mixture of yellow flowers inside. The scent is sharp and really herbal, with slight floral notes. The sweet, gentle floral notes come through more as it dries.
Stone - My little stone is just perfect!
I love the informational card too!