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Charmed Inspired Book of Shadow Pages, Complete Set of 20

$ 18.00

Add a bit of whimsy to your personal book of shadows with this Complete Set of Charmed Inspired Book of Shadow Pages.

While the hit show "Charmed" was a fiction show, many of the spells found in the sisters' book of shadows were pretty useful, with the right tools and intent.

This Complete Set Includes:

~Amulet Activation
~Instant Karma
~Spell for Invoking the Power of 3
~Fearless Spell
~Truth Spell
~Mind Link Spell
~To Stretch the Imagination
~To Hear Secret Thoughts
~To See the Unseen
~To Move Ahead in Time
~To Open a Portal
~A Seance
~Charm of Love
~To Hear Your Heart's Desire
~To Activate the Fountain of Youth
~To Promote Compromise
~Lost and Found
~Vanishing Spell
~To Call a Lost Witch
~Reversal Spell

Please note that these are not replica pages from the Charmed book of shadows. The spells are similar to ones from the show, but the pages are of my own creation, inspired by the show, and not copies of the pages from the book in the show. I wanted to design them differently and in a more functional way for an addition to any book of shadows. Also, this is not a "complete set" of every page in the Charmed Book of Shadows; it's merely a complete set of the ones I have designed to date.

Each page is 8.5" x 11" and printed on various shades of parchment paper. This listing is for the actual pages, not a digital download.

By buying the complete set, you save $2 off the price of ordering each smaller set individually!


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In love

These pages are amazing and I have added to my to my BOS

Additional sheets

A perfect addition to my book of shadows, my book has been with me in this path since my teens, over 30 years and I am always looking for new sheets. PERFECT