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Olde Worlde Apothecary Labels- Herb Labels for Jars

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Set A

Give your herb jars a vintage feel with these Olde Worlde Apothecary Labels from Inked Goddess Creations.

These labels are a beautifully witchy way to label your herb containers. Each label contains the Olde Worlde name for the herb, along with the modern name, and the magickal properties associated with that herb. Designed by Morgan, owner of Inked Goddess Creations, these labels can't be found anywhere else!

Each set contains 5 labels.

Set "A" contains:
~Absinthe (Wormwood)
~Elf Leaf (Lavender)
~Sea Dew (Rosemary)
~Toad's Leg (Sage Leaf)
~Witch Herb (Mugwort)

Each label measures approximately 3"x2", and have sticky backs for easy application to your favorite herb container. Stickers can also be used in your Book of Shadows on herb pages!

Customer Reviews

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So adorable!

These labels are so adorable! I put my labels on Mason jars and put my herbs in those. They are a perfect way of feeling a little bit more connection to the past.

So cute!

I have set A, and they are so cute in person! I love all the detail in the drawings and the borders, and the pretty fonts. :)