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Elemental Votive Candle Set, 4 Elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water

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Honor the elements during your next spell or ritual with this Elemental Votive Candle set from Inked Goddess Creations. 

This listing is for the complete set of 4 Elemental Votives- Earth, Air, Fire and Water Votives. This set can be used all together to help call the quarters during a spell or ritual, or burned individually to increase a certain elemental energy in your life!

The set includes:
~1 Blue Water Votive- A relaxing blend of Chamomile, Vanilla and Gardenia
~1 Yellow Air Votive- An inspirational blend of Lavender and Lemongrass
~1 Orange Fire Votive- An invigorating blend of Dragon's Blood, Orange and Clove
~1 Green Earth Votive- A grounding blend of Honeysuckle, Patchouli and Cedarwood

Each listing is for 4 standard votives, 2"x1.5". These votives are handcrafted in a positively charged environment in small batches, and have a burn time of 15-20 hours each, when burned in a glass votive holder! If burned openly on a candle plate, these will only get a 2-4 hour burn. These are an Inked Goddess Creations exclusive blend! 

*Herbs and gemstones pictured are not included.

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*Never leave burning candle unattended. Metaphysical properties of products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Not intended to take the place of professional treatment or advice.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect set!

These candles are a perfect set for those times you want to call the quarters. You can also just have them on your altar to represent the elements. And yeah, they smell GREAT!!

Very Helpful Candles!

These remind me of crayons, in the best possible way: the candles are smooth and neat with bright, clean colors! I love them, and since her candles are so long-lasting, I know I will miss them when they finally burn down! I’m sure to use these for many things to come!

The scents:
WATER - This candle has a sweet, refreshing, flowery & innocent watery smell. It’s sweet and gentle and cleanly “wet” smelling. Spot-on!
WIND - This one’s sweet & fruity, slightly lotion-y, and almost tropical. Gentle.
FIRE - This one’s fruity but also cinnamon-y, and really musky/smoky in a dry sort of way. It reminds me of the smell of most New Age shops.
EARTH - This one’s refreshing with high notes. It’s slightly cucumber-y or grassy, with a hint of something musky/smoky. I think I smell pine too. It’s an elusive earthy/green sort of smell, like something wet with dew in the morning light. I love this one. :)


Love these ....can't wait to make another order