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Halloween Witchy Sisters Pillar Candle Set

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Add some hocus pocus to your home or sacred space with our Halloween Witchy Sisters Pillar Candle Set.

It is said that on Halloween, 3 witchy sisters rise to try and steal the souls of children for their potion of infinite life~ 3 sisters we love to embrace each and every Halloween (and maybe even when it's not the spooky time of year!). 

This candle set is inspired by them, each with their signature scent!

Winifred- A blend of Rose and Cinnamon to put a spell on you!
Mary- A blend of Dark Chocolate and Honey to lure out your inner child.
Sarah- A blend of Black Cherry and Vanilla to inspire you to run Amok!Amok!Amok!
BookBonus Votive! A blend of Leather and Vanilla, because what witches would be caught without their book of shadows?

Each of the Witchy Sisters candles is a tall pillar, measuring 6" tall by 2" wide. A bonus Book votive is included, which measures almost 2" by 2". 

Each order is for 1 complete Witchy Sisters Candle Set, with 3 pillars and 1 votive. It comes packaged in a cute black organza bag. (Other items in picture are for size reference only and are not included.) We are only making these for the holiday season (September-December). If "We are sold out of these for the season" is the first line of this listing, we will not be remaking or replenishing stock of these anymore this year. If that sentence is not at the top of the listing, and we are 'Sold Out', we will be restocking, so put your email address into the Back in Stock notification, and you will be notified as soon as we restock inventory!

Please burn our pillar candles on a candle plate, and our votive in a glass votive holder to get the cleanest and longest burn times possible. Some dripping may occur with the pillar candles.

Please note: These are an inspired product of our own creation, based on what makes us feel witchy for the Halloween season. 

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