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Roots Jar Candle to Reconnect with Your True Self

$ 18.50

Reconnect with your true self with the help of our Roots Jar Candle from Inked Goddess Creations.

Roots- the basic cause, source, or origin of something.

Where you've come from. Your core beliefs. The triumphs and pains of your past. The journey you've made this far. 

All of these things make up your Roots. 

Many of us have become disconnected with ourselves. We've forgotten what we've been through; the lessons we've learned; what makes us individuals.

We've forgotten our Roots.

In this day and age, with things moving at the speed of light, we get caught up in things that don't resonate with our highest energy. We lose sight of why we are doing the things we are doing. We compare ourselves to others. We engage in toxic negative self-talk, or base our self-worth on the number of followers or likes we get in a virtual world. We detach from others, from those who love us... from ourselves. 

Our Roots Jar Candle is a blend of Vetiver, Oakmoss, and Sandalwood oils, specially chosen for their ability to help you dive deep inside yourself for personal transformation. Vetiver bridges the gap between the crown chakra and root chakra, helping you to contact your higher self while remaining grounded in yourself. Oakmoss is an earthy oil that enhances awareness so you can better receive messages from your true self. Sandalwood opens your third eye to the Universe, helping you connect with your divine path so that you can live authentically. This candle is best burned while meditating, or when performing self-care rituals. Anything that you do that makes you feel more like "you"- that's when you burn the Roots candle. 


Our Roots Jar Candle is big, measuring 4" tall by 3" in diameter, in a glass jar. It is made of beautiful palm wax, and is highly scented. Please remember to never leave a burning candle unattended, and only burn this candle when you can observe it for safety reasons.

Each order is for 1 Roots Jar Candle. Other items in picture are not included, and are for size reference.

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*Metaphysical properties are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Outcomes are not guaranteed. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

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Roots candle

I love everything about this candle! I have been wanting it since the candle was released and had high expectations and all those expectations were met and beyond!