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Pentagram Tongs for Charcoal

$ 5.00

Making lighting and adjusting your burning charcoal a breeze with these Pentagram Tongs from Inked Goddess Creations.

These metal tongs are a must-have tool for anybody with a charcoal burner in their home or on their altar. They are the perfect way to tend to your charcoal in a safe manner. Use them to hold the charcoal disc while lighting it, and to adjust the disc itself or the incense while the charcoal is burning, without burning your fingers!

Engraved with a small Pentagram symbol engraved at the end, these tongs are a stylish addition to any altar! They are approximately 6" in length. **Please note- The pentagram image is very lightly stamped onto the tongs. The pictures here have had the shadows enhanced for you to better see the design. Please keep that in mind when ordering!

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