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Black Cat Wooden Spoon

$ 6.00

Add some witchy decor to the hearth of your home with this Black Cat Wooden Spoon from Inked Goddess Creations.

These spoons really are the perfect addition to any kitchen witch's sacred space! Spoons are often used in place of wands when performing spells or rituals in the kitchen, and the spoon is also a symbol of the Goddess Cerridwen and her elixir of knowledge! 

These cute wooden spoons have a black cat curled up on the end- every witch's best friend! 

Each order is for 1 wooden spoon, which measures approximately 8.5" long and is 1.25" at its widest point. The black cat measures approximately 2" long by 1" wide on the handle. These are food safe spoons, coated with a natural plant based sealant over the wood. The other items in the picture are for size reference only, and are not included in the order.

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