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Lilith Goddess Perfume Oil for Sexuality and Feminine Power

$ 9.00

Increase the sexual energy level and femininity in your life with the help of the Lilith Perfume Oil from Inked Goddess Creations

Lilith, the Dark Goddess of Sexuality and Feminine Power, is one of the ultimate symbols of female independence, free-thinking and sexuality. She embraces her inner demons and brings them to light- a light filled with feminine strength, walking to the beat of her own drum, and pure sexual energy. She loves and honors herself above all, and teaches us to do the same.

The Lilith Goddess Perfume Oil is specially blended to be applied directly to the skin to invoke the goddess Lilith or her special qualities. A blend of Patchouli, Amber and Apple oils in an Apricot Kernel and Jojoba Oil base, this blend is perfect for sex magick and self-love rituals, as well as helping embrace what life has to offer.

This Lilith Perfume Oil also contains an onyx chip to further connect with the Goddess and her energies.

Each glass bottle is 1/3 oz of oil, with a plastic roller ball attached to the top for easy application to the skin.

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*As with any skin product, if any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Magickal properties are not guaranteed by Inked Goddess Creations; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Not all essential oils and herbs are recommended for use during pregnancy, so please consult a physician before use if you are pregnant. These products are not to be used in place of proper medical treatment.