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Gemstone Rune Set with Velvet Triple Moon Bag

$ 18.00

Mixed Gemstone
Black Jasper
Clear Quartz
Lapis Lazuli
Rose Quartz
Tiger's Eye
White Jasper

Explore an amazing form of divination with these beautiful Gemstone Rune Sets from Inked Goddess Creations. 

Runes are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets, which were used to write various Germanic languages thousands of years ago. They are Norse in origin, and contain 25 stones in a set (24 letters and a blank stone). It is believed that the runic symbols were handed down by Odin- chief Norse god- himself, and the word ‘rune’ means ‘whisper,’ or ‘secret wisdom.’ They are used today as popular tools of divination, as each letter has divinatory meaning. 

Each Gemstone Rune Set from Inked Goddess Creations contains 1 set of gemstone runes, which comes with a guide that gives the meanings of each symbol, and a velvet Triple Moon carrying bag. Each gemstone rune set has the runes engraved into them, and then gold paint accentuates each symbol. We currently have 7 types of gemstones to choose from: Mixed Gemstones, Amethyst (purple stones), Black Jasper (black stones), Carnelian (orange stones), Clear Quartz (clear stones), Labradorite (blue green stones), Lapis Lazuli (blue stones), Rose Quartz (pink stones), Tiger's Eye (brown stones), and White Jasper (white stones). Each gemstone rune is about the size of a penny.

Mixed Gemstones retain the metaphysical properties of each stone included in the set, creating a powerfully resonating rune set!

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. It has strong healing and cleansing powers. It calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation. Amethyst resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Black Jasper is a highly protective stone that is excellent for grounding and helping one connect their higher vibrations to the earth.

Carnelian is a stone associated with motivation and creativity. It can help give one courage and boost confidence. Carnelian improves memory, thinking, analytic ability and sharpens concentration, making this a perfect stone for students. It resonates with both the Root and Sacral chakras, making it a great stone for calming anger, and replacing emotional anger with a love of life. Carnelian has also been known to increase fertility and stimulate sexuality.

Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds. As it resonates with the Crown Chakra, it helps balance and revitalize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, acting as a deep soul cleanser and connecting the mind, body and soul. 

Labradorite gemstones are revered for their powers of psychic development and magic. It is a stone to aid in any magick ritual, and helps with transformation on all levels. Labradorites are great for increasing intuition and psychic development, and can help provide clarity into one's own destiny.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks. It quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Lapis Lazuli encourages self-awareness and self-expression, and assists a person in clearly speaking their inner truth. It resonates with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, facilitating clarity of mind and fostering creativity. 

Rose Quartz is associated with matters of the heart and love, so if you have love worries, this is the perfect stone to help process those negative feelings and turn them into positive thoughts. It resonates with the Heart Chakra, clearing emotional blockages of the heart as well. Rose Quartz is also perfect for promoting self love and confidence, and for increasing the general love energy in your life. 

Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection. It aids in focusing the mind and stabilizing mood swings. Tiger's Eye increases courage and self-confidence, and releases tension. It resonates with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

White Jasper is a stone of stability, balance and calm. It uplifts the spirits and brings hope and positiveness to any situation. Resonating with the Crown Chakra, White Jasper opens one to messages from a divine source, and calms the mind and body to receive the messages.

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*Metaphysical properties are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I bought these runes because they had been calling to me for a while. I choose the quartz point set (although I plan to get the others too) and they are absolutely gorgeous! I love IGC!

Multiple uses

I chose the quartz points because I love the way they look, but they will also be useful for grids and spells in addition to readings.

Very Pleased

I've been shopping for a Rune set for quite some time now. I finally found the green aventurine set. I just received it and love it! THANK YOU!!!