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Ceramic Sun and Moon Potion Bottle

$ 7.50 $ 10.00

Raku (Glazed)

Stow away your favorite oils, potions and other goodies in these Ceramic Spiral Goddess Potion Bottles from Inked Goddess Creations.

The beautiful Sun and Moon potion bottles are handmade in Peru. Each one is approximately 1.5" in diameter. The bottles are hollow, with a small cork opening, so you can store your favorite oil blends, perfumes, or even finely ground herbs, powders and even fairy dust! The top has 2 small holes for you to attach cording or chain to make a necklace, if you'd like, or simply use them to decorate your altar!

There are 2 finishes to choose from (from left to right in the pictures):
Raku (Glazed)

The glazed finish has a rainbow-like sheen to it that looks metallic in some lights and blue/green in others. Please allow for natural variances in the glaze, as you may not get the exact ones pictured above.

Each listing is for 1 ceramic potion bottle only, in your choice of finish. These bottles are not airtight, and are not foodsafe.