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Witch Bottle Amulet Necklace for Your Wishes & Needs, Custom-Made for You!

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Have a Witch Bottle Amulet Necklace custom-made for you by Inked Goddess Creations.

Witch Bottles have been used for hundreds of years for spellwork and protection. Today, witches use witch bottles for any number of needs- Protection, Healing, Blessings, etc. A mixture of herbs, resins, gemstones, personal effects and more are added to a jar, and sealed with your intentions. 

A Witch Bottle Amulet Necklace is a great way to wear that intention and energy all day!

When ordering a Witch Bottle Amulet Necklace from us, you have the option of choosing your intention from a list of common ones, or having a specific one made. If your intention needs more direction or information for us to make it, just let us know in the 'Notes' section of your order, and we will create a blend of herbs, resins and gemstones to suit your purpose. The jars also come sealed with an appropriate colored wax, with a charm that also resonates with your intent. If you have ideas on wax color or charms, please let us know, or if you'd like it left unsealed, let us know that, as well. A small piece of paper with a list of the ingredients in your bottle will accompany your necklace, so you know it was made specifically for you!

Your order will contain 1 1.5" glass vial filled with herbs, resins and gemstone chips. It will hang from a 24" chain (colored chain that comes with standard bottles is listed with the bottle type, but custom bottles have the choice of chain color) and will have a small charm, appropriate for your intent, dangling from the top of the bottle. Pictured above are just some examples of Witch Bottle Amulets we have made in the past.

The bottle will be charged on our altar prior to shipping it to you. Please note that these necklaces are merely tools for you to charge on your end, add your energy and magick too, and the results are not guaranteed.

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*Metaphysical and healing properties of Inked Goddess Creations' products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment. Contents of bottle are not for internal use. Variations in looks will occur from bottle to bottle because they are each handmade at the time of order.

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Recd mine today, just a hint a scent, bottle and contents are very well made, packaged nicely. Going back to to order 3 that are custom now.....happy beyond words...Many Blessings