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Witch Bottle Kit Custom-Made for Your Intention and Need!

$ 10.00


Have a Witch Bottle custom-made for you by Inked Goddess Creations.

Witch Bottles have been used for hundreds of years for spellwork and protection. Today, witches use witch bottles for any number of needs- Protection, Healing, Blessings, etc. A mixture of herbs, resins, gemstones, personal effects and more are added to a jar, and sealed with your intentions. 

This listing is for a do-it-yourself Witch Bottle kit. You'll get the glass jar, filled with appropriate herbs and resins, a stone for you to put inside the jar, a charm for the outside of the jar, and a chime candle for you to burn and drip wax over the bottle to seal in your own energies. (Pictured above are just some examples of Witch Bottle Kits we make.)

When ordering a Witch Bottle Kit from us, you have the option of choosing your intention from a list of common ones, or having a specific one made. If your intention needs more direction or information for us to make it, just let us know in the 'Notes' section of your order, and we will create a blend of herbs and resins to suit your purpose. The jars also come with an appropriate colored wax candle and with a charm that also resonates with your intent. If you have ideas on wax color or charms, please let us know. A small piece of paper with a list of the ingredients in your bottle will accompany your kit, so you know it was made specifically for you!

Each bottle is 2.25" high by 3" wide (at its widest point), holds 3.4 oz, and is filled with herbs and resins. Wrapped around the outside of the bottle is a colored cord associated with your intent, with a silver charm dangling from it. Included in the kit is gemstone for you to hold, charge with your energy, and then place into the bottle prior to sealing. It is also recommended to place something personal inside the bottle before you seal it, like a strand of hair or fingernail clippings, to further connect the jar with your energy. Once you have added everything you'd like to the bottle, you light the 4" chime candle and drip candle wax all over the outside of the cork, sealing the bottle with your intentions. Be sure to think positive thoughts as you seal the bottle, and be careful when burning the candle, as the candle wax will be very hot.

Once your bottle has been used in a ritual or spell working of your desire, it is recommended to bury the bottle to help keep its powers strong, and to remove the charm from the front and carry it or wear it to help continue to draw the bottle's energy to you.

Please note- our Witch Bottle Kits do NOT come with specific spells. We give general directions (as stated above), but do not tell you exactly how to work your spell. We feel magick comes from within, so your magick is stronger than anything we can tell you to do. Also, these kits are tools for you to perform your own spell; results are not guaranteed from us.

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*Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations' products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not be used internally and should not be used in place of proper professional advice or treatment.

Customer Reviews

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The best item in the store!

I have bought these several times in the past; and these are so perfect! I love these bottles; they are the perfect size to fit in the palms, they are big enough to put a goodly amount of herbs in. They come filled up with herbs; with enough room for you to put personal affects inside if you'd like. I always put more herbs in them as well! The chime candles that come with them are great, but more wax can be used on them as well if you'd like to continue 'working' them over long periods of time. These bottles are super cute, come with adorable charms, and powerful herbs!


So I ordered this with a kit, everything arrived as described. The witch bottle kit is so adorable and filled with herbs. Gonna cast a spell with this soon! Thank you for everything MM


I ordered the Blessings Witch Bottle DIY Kit, the Protection Witch Bottle DIY Kit, and the Money Drawing Witch Bottle DIY Kit...I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM!!!....not only are they just too cute, they are easy to use and I just love the concept!!!