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House Blessing & Smudge Kit With Quartz Points

$ 20.00

Cleanse your home or altar area with this House Blessing & Smudge Kit from Inked Goddess Creations. This kit contains everything you need to clear negative energy from your home or sacred space, and items to help protect it, in an easy-to-carry organza bag.

Included in this kit are:

~Small California Sage Wand wrapped in cotton thread, measuring approximately 4" in length
~Small Abalone Shell, measuring approximately 2.5-3" long
~Turkey Feather dyed with a black tip, to represent balance, approximately 10"-12" in length
~1 oz of Sea Salt for purification
~4 Large Quartz for protection, measuring at least 2" in length each
~Large Black Organza Bag
~Pamphlet with general house cleansing directions

We recently upgraded the size of our Quartz Points to provide a greater protection grid for your home or sacred space!

Cleansing your home or sacred space of negative energies is important, and makes adding your own, positive energies, much easier. I recommend cleansing a new home before moving in, or cleansing your existing home or work area after arguments, sickness, or any other negative event, before meditation or spell workings, or once a month during the New Moon for maintenance.

This kit was personally put together based on the items I use for cleansing and house blessing. I start by burning the sage wand and dispersing the smoke with the turkey feather in a clockwise spiral around my home (with windows and doors open, of course), laying the smudge stick into the abalone shell until done with the ceremony. I then sprinkle the sea salt onto the floor, let sit for at least 3 minutes, and vacuum or sweep it up and dispose of it outside. Then I hold the quartz in my hand, infusing them with good intent, protection energy, and whatever well wishes I have for my home, and place each point in the four corners of my home, creating a protective grid. Smudge the sage wand out on the abalone shell, and all is done. The same ritual can be applied to one room or sacred space, by placing the 4 quartz at four outlying points of your area.

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*Inked Goddess Creations can not guarantee metaphysical properties of products; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Please allow for variances in quartz points and abalone shell, as I have several kits in stock, but each kit will have items similar in size as those pictured above. No product should be used in place of proper medical or professional advice/treatment. Please do not directly inhale the sage smoke, especially if you are pregnant, and is not recommended for internal use.

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Can't wait to use this!

Such a lovely kit! The crystals are huge and lovely, the shell is so pretty, and the kit comes with a pamphlet of instructions too!