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Wicked Witch Kit for When Your Dark Side Needs to Play

$ 7.00


The Wicked Witch Kit from Inked Goddess Creations has the tools you'll use for when your dark side needs to play.

The Wicked Witch Kit includes:

~ 1 Wicked Witch Votive, black in color, blended with Patchouli, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Clove and Rue oils
~ 1 Gemstone Cat Carving, made of either Amethyst, Obsidian, Soapstone, or Blue Goldstone (depending on stock we have at time of order; this it not something that can be chosen) Carving measures approximately 1" tall.
~ 1 2"x3" bag of Graveyard Dirt for Bindings, Tricking Enemies and Curses
~ 1 pack of 5 Coffin Nails with information page
~ 6 bags of wicked witch herbs (1 of each, 2"x3" in size):

  • Boneset- Used to Curse an Enemy
  • Cinquefoil (Five Finger Grass)- Cause Discomfort
  • Mandrake Root- Commanding and Compelling
  • Poke Root- Cause Anxiety and Frustration
  • Queen Anne's Lace- Hexing, and Can be Used as a Substitute for Poison Hemlock in Spells
  • Wormwood- Wrath, Revenge, Calls Spirits

Each bag is labeled with the herb name and contains the metaphysical properties of the herb, making it easy to create incense or spell powders for your needed intent. 

With the exception of the information page about the Coffin Nails, there is no spell or other instructions with this set. Magick is a balance of light and dark, and there are times when the dark side needs attention. Please practice safe hex, though, and remember that life is a circle!

You have the option of purchasing the kit as a whole, with all the components pictured here, just refill the herb set, which will contain the 6 bags of herbs plus the bag of Graveyard Dirt, or just the votive

*** )O( ***

*Metaphysical properties of products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Internal use of herbs is not recommended, especially without having first consulted a certified herbalist. These should not be used in place of proper professional advice or treatment. For legal reasons, we have to say that this item is sold as a curio only. Inked Goddess Creations can not be held liable for consequences associated with use of this kit. Please do not consume the herbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love this kit. The little bags of herbs are very handy and I love the smell of the candle I may have to buy more of them. Thank you for supplying me with my witchy needs.

Great kit

All of the items in the kit were of great quality and well-labelled. Candle smells fantastic, and the goldstone cat is lovely.

Happy Wicked Witch

Received my Wicked witch kit today and it is more than I could have expected. So in love with my little blue stone cat!!


I love this kit !!!! I love that I was able to buy them together I. A lot... I don't need these items often ... but they're nice to have for when I do!!

Thank you Morgan for always selling quality products!

Fun & Convenient

These kits are a fun and convenient way to sample a variety of items. Love it!