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Shiva Lingam Stones- Medium and Large

$ 7.50


Add some powerful balancing energy to your altar or sacred space with a medium or large Shiva Lingam Stone from Inked Goddess Creations.

Shiva Lingam stones are egg-shaped stones made of a type of jasper and agate mix in quartz. Their phallic shape is said to be symbolic of the Hindu God Shiva, and they are collected from the Narmada River in India, believed to be one of the seven holy sites of India. Shiva Lingam stones are said to represent both male and female energies, as their shape is masculine but their coloring is feminine. These stones represent the endless power and balance of the Universe.

The Shiva Lingam stone is believed to help in:
~Matters of love
~Awakening all 7 chakras
~Finding one's place in the Universe

Each listing is for 1 stone in your choice of size from available stock. The medium stones are approximately 3.5" long by 1.5" wide and weigh about 10 oz each (bottom 2 in picture). The large stones measure approximately 6" long by 3" wide and weigh a whopping 2 lbs each (top 2 in picture)!  One will intuitively be chosen when you order, as we have several in stock, so please note that slight variations in coloring will occur from the ones pictured above.

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*Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations' products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not be used in place of proper professional advice or treatment.

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Serious energy tool!

Got my large lingam yesterday. Wow. The moment I touched it, it powerfully set off my heart chakra. I do meditate and am comfortable with energy flowing through me. If you want to take your energy work to the next level, I highly recommend grabbing one of these. It's an absolute treasure! If you're new to feeling chakras opening and spinning, this stone might shock you a bit! But oh, how wonderful it feels once you adjust to it!