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Our HUGE Samhain Product Launch is Sunday, October 1st at 9am PT!
Our HUGE Samhain Product Launch is Sunday, October 1st at 9am PT!

Welcome to the Inked Goddess Academy!

The Inked Goddess Academy was created for witches who wish to expand their magickal knowledge through individual,
self-paced courses.

Over the next year, we will be building our course selection to include many magickal topics that eclectic witches find both
interesting and fun!

Why Choose Courses from Inked Goddess Academy?

With so much witchy information flooding the internet, it's comforting to have a place where you can get trusted, practical, and relevant witchcraft information that you can fit into your individual practice.

Morgan, owner of Inked Goddess Creations and magickal mentor of the Inked Spirit Coven, is an eclectic busy witch that has been practicing witchcraft for over 20 years. The courses here are a blend of her own magickal knowledge and practice along with extensive research into the subject presented. She delivers the information in easy-to-understand, relatable ways so you know how to begin implementing the knowledge immediately into
your own magickal practice.

How Does the Inked Goddess Academy Work?

Once you purchase a course from the Inked Goddess Academy, you will be emailed a link to download your PDF workbook, and you will then have access to the lesson and videos here on the website within your account.

Our Inked Goddess Academy section comes complete with a portal for you to easily see the classes you have purchased. Each class has a page that breaks down the lessons of the class and has a course tracker at the top, so you can see how much of the class you have completed as you move through it. 

Current Courses Offered

We will be spending the year building our course list, but for now, we are starting witches off with a course in setting powerful intentions. While this course is timed to coincide with Imbolc and works with the Celtic goddess Brigid, it can be taken any time of year, as setting intentions can be done with any New Moon.

Embracing the Flame Course- Inked Goddess Academy

Inked Goddess Academy and the Inked Spirit Coven

The courses in the Inked Goddess Academy are revamped classes that were originally taught in the Inked Spirit Coven. We had non-coven members request individual classes so they could grow their magickal knowledge without the monthly commitment of joining the Inked Spirit Coven. If you are a current member of the coven, you can find access to these classes in their original format with Inked Spirit Coven exclusive book of shadows pages in the Lesson Archives section of your member portal.

If you wish to join the Inked Spirit Coven instead of take individual courses from the Inked Goddess Academy, we'd love to have you as a member! You can visit to learn more and join!