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10 Charcoal Discs for Resin and Powder Incense Burning

$ 2.50

No witch cabinet is complete without charcoal discs to burn your powder, herbal and resin incense blends.

Each roll contains 10 charcoal discs (brand may differ from the one pictured here, depending on what I have in stock at time of order). Simply light one end until it sparks, then set inside a fireproof dish. Once the disc is done sparking, you sprinkle some raw incense on it to burn. You can also see my youtube video, explaining herbal incense and demonstrating how to use the charcoal discs, here:

Great for use during rituals, spell workings, or to just naturally scent your home! Separate the rolls into individual discs to add to your own spell kits and travel altars.

These pair perfectly with Inked Goddess Creations' Herbal Incense and Spell Powders.

*** )O( ***

**Always use caution when burning charcoal and incense. We do recommend only using these charcoal discs for raw incense burning. Stones in picture are not included in listing.

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