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10 ml Cork Potion Bottles with Charms Set of 6

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Store your potions and brews in these cute glass Cork Potion Bottles from Inked Goddess Creations. 

These Cork Potion Bottles are the perfect way to store your blended oils, incense, herbs and resins. You can also use them as Witch Bottles, good luck charms, as stylish additions to your altar and more! Each bottle comes with colored twine as well as a silver-toned charm to add decoration and intent to your creation.

This set of 6 bottles includes one of each of the following bottles:

~Moon Charm with Black Twine
~Goddess Charm with Purple Twine
~Tree of Abundance Charm with Green Twine (Great for Money Drawing spells!)
~Heart Charm with Red Twine (Great for Love Drawing spells!)
~Cat Charm with Dark Purple Twine
~Pentacle Charm with Black Twine

Each glass vial holds 10 ml (about 1/3 oz), and measures 50mm tall (2") by 22mm wide (.86"), and the mouth is 12.5mm in diameter (.5").

I also carry 20 ml Cork Potion Bottles in the shop, too, with the same charms on them, if you need a little bigger bottle for your creations!

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