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18" Sweetgrass Braid, Reiki Charged

$ 7.50

Cleanse your home or sacred space with the sweet-smelling burn of a Sweetgrass Braid from Inked Goddess Creations.

Sweetgrass has long been used by the Native Americans to cleanse an area of negative energy and create a positive environment. Sweetgrass also has healing properties, making it a perfect herb for cleansing before a healing ritual, reiki session, or chakra cleansing session. A sweetgrass braid is easy to burn, much like a sage wand, and the braid represents the metaphysical union of the mind, body and soul.

This sweetgrass is grown and harvested in Tucson, AZ and then positively charged with Reiki energy. 

Each order is for 1 sweetgrass braid, measuring approximately 18" long. Other items in picture are for size reference.