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2018 Gemstone Advent Calendar- 21 Days of Gemstone Yule Gifts, Limited Edition Set

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Celebrate 21 days of Yule with a gemstone each day through December 21st with the Gemstone Calendar from Inked Goddess Creations.

Advent calendars have been used for hundreds of years to count down the time until a special event, most namely- Christmas. For witches, the countdown to our sacred Yule should be just as momentous and fun. It is from this idea that the Gemstone Advent Calendar was born, giving those who celebrate Earth-centered religions 21 magickal days of gifts from December 1st- December 21st. 

Each box comes with 21 wrapped gifts in various boxes and bags, numbered 1-21. One package per day is to be opened, starting with gift #1 on December 1st, gift #2 on December 2nd, and so on, until the last present is opened on December 21st, which is Yule this year. Each gift is a gemstone or gemstone-related item. Witches can never have too many gemstones, can we?

Inked Goddess Creations is the originator of the witchy advent calendar to count down to Yule! We began them in 2017 after tons of research and finding there were no advent calendars for witches to celebrate the coming of the Winter Solstice. The response was amazing, so these will be an every year occurrence here, as a witchy advent calendar from Inked Goddess Creations is an original, not an imitation!!  

The retail value of all 21 gifts together is over $60! We want you to celebrate the magick of Yule without breaking the bank this time of year. This set is also a perfect gift for a witchy friend or loved one, who will be thrilled to open their box to find a Yule-themed product experience that lasts for 21 days.

***It is also advised that these sets be ordered by themselves, as they are already packaged and ready-to-ship so they arrive to you before December 1st. Adding additional products to your order will delay the shipment, and we can not guarantee it will get to you before December 1st, for you to start opening your gifts on day 1.***

We have only created a limited number of boxes. Once we sell out, there will not be anymore.  Due to the limited number of these boxes, we are unable to hold any for future purchases.

Please note: The packaging will be different than what is pictured here. This is a picture from our 2017 advent calendar. Each package will be numbered.

We do understand that there will be temptation to open all 21 gifts as soon as you get your package. We strongly advise you to open them on their specific days, as we planned certain gifts for certain magickal times. But if the temptation is too much, we do ask that you do not post pictures or the contents on social media, until after the designated day for each gift, as to not spoil it for the other advent calendar customers.

Make your countdown to Yule truly magickal this year with the Gemstone Advent Calendar from Inked Goddess Creations!

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