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Balance Necklace- Selenite & Black Tourmaline

$ 15.00

Calm and realign with the help of our Balance Necklace from Inked Goddess Creations.

This beautiful dual gemstone necklace is made from Selenite and Black Tourmaline, to help cleanse and protect the wearer. The contrast of a light stone and dark stone adds balance to your energy field. This necklace also carries with it the individual properties of each gemstone, as noted below.

Selenite resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, making this stone perfect to hold during meditation and to help connect with a higher spiritual source. It is said that Selenite is perfect for cleansing negative energy from the aura, and can be used during healing rituals.

Black Tourmaline is a highly protective stone which blocks negative energy and can prevent a psychic attack. It can cleanse and purify negative energy from a sacred space or a person's aura, and help lighten a person's vibrational energy if it becomes too dense. Because of these properties, Black Tourmaline is a perfect stone for empaths to wear. 

Each order is for one Balance Necklace, which hangs from a 24" silver plated cobra chain. Each pendant measures at least 1" long, and is made of each raw gemstone silver plated together, with a band of plating around the stones for sturdiness. Please allow for natural variances in stone coloring, size or cut. Other items in picture are not included, and are for size reference.

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*Metaphysical properties are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Properties should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.

Customer Reviews

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I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. The chain is was impressive. I can only wear .925 and I was concerned but this one has not made me itch at all and it would have immediately if it was bad quality. The gem stones of course are gorgeous. Thanks so much!


I love my necklace I got it to put on my rearview mirror for protection and cleansing of my car.

Just lovely!!

This is my second purchase of this necklace. The Universe claimed the first one and i just had to have another. Perfect for this empathy. Where it all the time. This one won’t get away 😉🔮

Beautiful and Functional

The pure and simplistic nature of this necklace is so beautiful. As an empath one of my go to stones is Tourmaline. I find when I wear this necklace I am centered and I don’t have as much trouble keeping my protective wall up. Being around people in large groups doesn’t bother me as much. It also makes it easier to use my abilities. I’ve even found it helps me study and do homework. Definitely worth the money.


An amazing piece of jewelry its durable. The chain is wonderful, and the pendant is light and so full of balancing energy. Ive worn it everyday!


I love this necklace, I wear it when I go out for grounding and protection. I also wear it when I do certain spells that require the same thing. I feel so centered and balanced whenever I wear it, and it's a very beautiful piece as well. Thanks so much.