Crystal Witch Zine by Lillian Cuda

Lillian Cuda

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Enter a world of crystal magick and practice with the Crystal Witch Zine by Lillian Cuda, featured exclusively here at Inked Goddess Creations.

This zine features a collection of original crystal illustrations alongside descriptions of some of their metaphysical properties. All content is the result of artist Lily's lifelong interest in crystals and years of detailed research. Lily chose to depict in this zine crystals she was particularly drawn to over the recent years. Lily finds it interesting that when you take fancy with a particular crystal, that their properties and association often illuminate something you're avoiding, processing, or seeking at that point in your life.

The First Edition of the zine was created exclusively for Inked Goddess Creations, in a limited run of 500 pieces.

The cover is printed in black ink on pink paper, the inside pages are printed in full color on white paper. It's A5 sized (8.5"x5"), has 16 pages (8 double sided), and hand stapled seams. 

Lily Cuda is an independent self taught artist from Sydney, Australia. She completed her Cert IV in Applied Fashion Design & Tech. in 2012. She spends all her free time drawing, designing, stitching, cutting, gluing and taking selfies in pub bathrooms. You can check out her work at

This booklet was first featured in the March's 2017's Magick Mail subscription box, themed 'Crystal Magick'.

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