Green Witch Herb Garden Starter Seed Pack

Inked Goddess Creations

$ 1.00 $ 2.00


Start or expand your witchy herb garden with the Green Witch Herb Garden Starter Seed Pack from Inked Goddess Creations.

Each seed pack is a blend of Basil, Marjoram, Dill and Summer Savory seeds. The front of the package has been magickally blessed with the phrase "Blessed Be These Garden Seeds," and instructions for planting can be found on the back of the pack!

Magickal properties of the herbs include:

Basil- Love, Prosperity and Protection
Marjoram- Happiness, Love and Protection
Dill- Money and Protection
Summer Savory- Strength, Mental Powers and Animal Magick

Each listing is for 1 pack of the seed blend, approximately 200 mg of seeds.