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Grimoire Box with Informational Cards

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Stash away your most secret spells and personal items in this cute Grimoire Box from Inked Goddess Creations.

A witch's Book of Shadows is a binder or notebook which houses a collection of spells, rituals and information that they hold dear. But what do you do if you have trinkets, remnants or personal items that are important to you as a witch, but won't fit into your book of shadows? You can stash items away in our exclusive Grimoire Box. 

Each box also contains (5) 5"x7" informational cards:
~Candle Magick
~Gemstone Magick
~Salt Magick
~My Own (blank with artwork)
~Witchy Tools (blank with artwork)

The cards are blank on the back for your own notes on these subjects.

Measuring 8" x 5.5" x 1", this black leatherette box is made of chipboard, with a cute "Grimoire" label on the outside. Each informational card is printed on recycled cardstock.

We are now offering the blank cards for sale separately, in packs of 10. You will get 5 of the "Witchy Tools" and 5 of the "My Own" cards when you choose this option!

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