Herbal Tea Sampler Set- 10 Original Teas from Inked Goddess Creations

Inked Goddess Creations

$ 17.00 


Treat yourself or a loved one to an Herbal Tea Sampler Set from Inked Goddess Creations this holiday season.

Each black organza bag is filled with a sample of each of our current herbal tea blends here at Inked Goddess Creations. You'll get one each of the following blends:

~Aperi Oculos ("Open Eye") Herbal Black Tea
~Daybreak Herbal Fruit Tea
~Earth Magick Green Tea & Rooibos
~Energizing Herbal Rooibos Tea
~Fairy Realm Herbal Green Tea
~Moon Blossom Green Jasmine Tea
~Reawakening Herbal Green Tea
~Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea
~Yuletide Green Tea
~Golden Alchemy Herbal Rooibos Tea

Each 2"x3" zip bag of tea is good for at least 2 cups of tea. Directions for brewing individual teas are on their labels. 

You have the option of purchasing the tea sampler set with a Heart Shaped Tea Infuser, or without it!  A tea infuser makes it super easy to brew a perfect single cup of tea!

Each blend is available in a full 4 fl oz tin, including our newest Yuletide Green Tea!

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