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Howlite Worry Stone for Creativity and Knowledge

$ 6.00

These natural Howlite gemstone worry stones are perfect to help soothe and calm and are small enough to be kept in your pocket.

Worry stones are known as 'pocket tranquilizers'. Rubbing the smooth surface of the stone puts pressure on nerves within the thumb that may release endorphins, the brain's natural relaxants. These worry stones come with an indented smooth surface, perfect thumb size for easy use.

Howlite is an aid to insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind. Howlite strengthens memory, stimulates desire for knowledge and helps one obtain goals. It teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress. Howlite facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. It aids in creativity and artistic expression.

As a healing gemstone, howlite balances calcium levels in the body. It aids teeth, bones and soft tissue.

Each stone is approximately 1.5" long by 1.25" wide, and each order is for ONE stone. I have several in stock, all with natural and unique striations, so while you may not get one pictured above, they are all similar in size and appearance. Other items in picture are not included, and are for size reference only.

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