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Kitchen Witch Recipe Cards

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Add some witchy style to your personal recipes with these Kitchen Witch Recipe Cards, exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations.

These oversized 5"x7" cards add a splash of bright colors to your kitchen witch toolbelt. You have your choice of 2 sets:

Set 1 contains 4 cards with recipes and 4 blank cards, for a total of 8 cards. The 4 recipes in this set come from Inked Goddess Creations' owner, Morgan's, personal kitchen witch cookbook. The recipes are for Protection Crockpot Chili, Lovin' Double Chocolate Cookies, Crockpot Brunswitch Stew, and Apple Prosperity Drop Muffins. Each recipe also uses our Kitchen Witch Magickal Culinary Blends to add a bit of magick and spice to your recipes. Four blank cards are also included, for your own kitchen witch recipes.

Set 2 contains 8 blank recipe cards only.

These cards were designed by Morgan, and are an Inked Goddess Creations' exclusive product. They were first featured in November 2017's Magick Mail box, themed "The Kitchen Witch."


Customer Reviews

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nice addition to kitchen

very nice cards, they work as book marks in cookbooks and writing up an extra special recipe for witch inspired dishes.

So cute.

I've altered the recipes for my picky family. I stuck close to them and they came out fantastic!! I love the blank ones because I love to alter recipes for my own metaphysical needs. This way I can write them on a cute card and hang them up on my bulletin board in my kitchen. Looks so adorable as a decoration in and reminds me what my intentions are when cooking.

Great Quality and Delicious

These cards were a magick mail item for me. They are heavy cards and look like they will hold up well. Love the design. The recipes are easy, but look yummy. So far I have tried the chili and loved it.

Made with love

I love the ingredients in her recipes! They’re definitely more interesting than your standard cookbook versions. Each of the four recipes features a different one of her four spice mixes: money, healing, protection, and love. I wish she also had info on the properties of the other ingredients, since I’ve been looking for book on that topic for ages! Still, I can’t wait to try these recipes out!