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Large Altar Set with Triple Moon Altar Cabinet

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Treat yourself or a loved one to an almost complete altar set up with this Large Altar Set with Triple Moon Altar Cabinet from Inked Goddess Creations.

This set contains almost everything you need for a complete altar set up, and most of it can easily be stored away in the Triple Moon Altar Cabinet, which is included. This set contains an amazing 14 items to help set up your altar, perform spells and rituals, purify your sacred space and more:

~ Triple Moon Altar Cabinet, measuring 8" tall by 6" wide
~ Glass Votive Holder with Silver Triple Moon Pentacle*
~ Witch's Brew Votive Candle in Cedarwood, Amber, Patchouli and Cinnamon*, Element of Fire
~ 1/3 oz Bottle of Altar Oil to help cleanse and bless your sacred space*
~ Agate Altar Tile with gold Triple Moon Pentacle* (color of agate may differ from what is pictured here)
~ 3" Cast Iron Mini Cauldron
~ Onyx Gemstone Athame (color may differ from what is pictured here)
~ Box of White Sage Cone Incense, Element of Air
~ 10 Mini Spell Candles
~ Blue Star Mini Spell Candle Holder
~ New Moon & Full Moon Correspondence Cards*
~ Small Abalone Shell, Element of Water
~ Purple Celtic Knot Altar Cloth, 18" square
~ Small Selenite Tower for sacred space cleansing and for the element of Earth, measuring approximately 3-4" tall

If you purchased these items individually, you'd spend over $100!
*Inked Goddess Creations Exclusive Product

There are a limited number of these sets for the holiday season!