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Mini Floral Spoon for Ritual Use

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Dark Bronze

Add a bit of beauty to your Kitchen Witch altar with this Mini Floral Spoon from Inked Goddess Creations.

Kitchen Witches often use spoons as wands, to direct energy, open and close circles and portals, or summon the element of air into their recipes. This Mini Floral Spoon makes the perfect ritual spoon! The entire spoon is covered in a floral pattern (bringing in the element of Earth), with a synthetic crystal at the end for directing energy. 

These mini spoons fit perfectly into the palm of the hand, and are made from a zinc alloy metal. We don't recommend using these spoons in extreme temperatures, but using them more in a ritual way. They are not dishwasher safe. These come in 4 tones-  Dark Bronze, Gold, Silver and Antique Copper, and measure approximately 4.25" long by .75" wide at the spoon. Great addition to any Kitchen Witch's eclectic tool collection, or to honor the Goddess Cerridwen.