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Mini Travel Altar

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Practice magick on the go with a Mini Travel Altar from Inked Goddess Creations.

This all-inclusive travel-sized altar contains what you need to set up an altar while away from home, all inside of a protective tin. Each item also doubles as representations of each element. The decorative sticker on the top of the tin can also double as your altar layout, placing each elemental item on the corresponding pentacle point. 

Each tin contains:

  • 2 Tealights*- Protection blend of Frankincense and Clove (black candle) and Cleansing blend of Lavender, Sandalwood, Peppermint (white candle). Black and white create balance. Represents fire element.
  • Incense Matches- Light and burn like incense. Scents vary per tin. Represents Air element.
  • Mini Besom- Ritual broom "sweeps" away negative energy before ritual. Represents Air element.
  • Black Salt in Glass Vial- Sprinkle to clear away negative energy.
  • Himalayan Salt Chunk- Place onto objects to cleanse before ritual. Represents Earth element.
  • Shell- Represents Water energy.
  • Sun and Moon Clay Talismans*- Represents Divine Feminine (moon) and Divine Masculine (sun), as well as the Spirit element.
  • Mini Cleansing Mist*- Blend of Sage, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Peppermint to cleanse an area, or yourself, while away from home. 
  • Mini Quartz Point- Acts as an energy amplifier. Represents Spirit or Earth element.
  • Elemental Pentacle Sticker (on top)- Artwork by Shannon Clark, Sigil Art and Magick-

*Inked Goddess Creations exclusive product

Each tin measures 4.25"x 3.125"x 1". 

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