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Onyx Gemstone Carved Chalice

$ 10.00

Add some power to your rituals and workings with the Onyx Gemstone Carved Chalice from Inked Goddess Creations.

The Chalice is a very special tool that Wiccans and Pagans use to represent the Goddess during spellworkings and rituals. Use it to hold ceremonial drinks, to hold liquids as offerings to the divine, or even to scry into.

Onyx is a gemstone of strength and power. It helps increase self-confidence, helping one to be at ease during their workings. Onyx helps to stimulate the power of wise decision making and encourages happiness and good fortune. Light colored Onyx bridges the gap between the Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra, which balances the total energy along all seven chakras.

These chalices are carved from solid Onyx gemstone. Each chalice measures approximately 4" long by 2.5" wide. The opening has a diameter of 2". Each chalice is one-of-a-kind, and you may not get one pictured here, so please allow for natural variations in coloring, striations and carving styles. The general colorings I have in stock are depicted above, but a chalice will be intuitively chosen for you at time of purchase.

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*Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations' products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.