Pink & Blue Dyed Blister Pearl Necklace

Inked Goddess Creations

$ 10.00 


Add the element of water to any outfit with a Pink and Blue Dyed Blister Pearl Necklace from Inked Goddess Creations.

Blister Pearl is a protective stone, which also brings the gentle healing power of the element of water. It is a calming stone, which aids in stress relief and relaxation. Pearl stimulates your intuition and imagination, while helping balance emotions. It resonates with the Heart Chakra, and helps one express their love.

The blue and pink dye further adds to the water elemental energy and helps open the heart to love.

These Pink and Blue Dyed Blister Pearl Necklaces are a stunning way to increase the water elemental energy in your daily life. We have 5 of these beautiful pendants in stock, marked A-E, each one measuring at least 1" in length. When you place an order for that corresponding letter, you will get the exact pendant pictured. The pendant is silver plated, and comes with an 18" plated snake chain necklace. Each order is for 1 necklace, in your choice of style.

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*Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations' products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not be used in place of proper professional advice or treatment.