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Plantable Seed Spell Paper- Set of 3, Green Witch Spell Paper for EcoFriendly Spells

$ 6.00

Watch your goals, intentions and spells grow in front of you with Plantable Seed Spell Paper from Inked Goddess Creations.

Seed paper is the easiest way to send your intentions out into the world and watch your spell grow before your eyes. Simply write your spell, intentions, goals, etc onto the seed paper, plant it in your garden, and give it over to the Universe. Water your spell regularly, and as the seeds inside the paper grow into beautiful flowers, your intentions and spells will grow and come to fruition.

Seed paper is also great for creating your very own Fairy Garden. Wildflowers attract the fey, encouraging them to stick around for ease with Fairy Magick.

The butterfly shape symbolizes transformation, adding some positive energy to your spell.

This seed paper is hand made using recycled paper- very ecofriendly! It is made with a blend of wildflower seeds that get mixed into the paper making process. After the paper is finished drying, the butterfly shape is then hand-punched. You can see a multitude of seeds in every little confetti piece!

Each Butterfly measures approximately 3 inches x 2.25 inches, and each listing is for 3 seed paper butterflies. Colors of seed paper may differ from what is pictured, as we have several colors in stock.

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*Metaphysical properties are not guaranteed. Positive spell outcome is not guaranteed, nor is growth of flowers from seeds.