Pregnant Mama Goddess Sculpture

Brigid's Grove

$ 15.00 


Adorn your altar or sacred space with this beautiful Pregnant Mama Goddess Sculpture, made by Brigid's Grove, courtesy of Inked Goddess Creations.

This seated pregnant mama birth goddess sculpture is colored with a rich gold mica pigment. She is an abundant figure! 

From Molly, sculptor of these statues: "My sculptures are based on my own experiences with pregnancy, birth, and motherhood and the role that birth art has played in my own preparations for giving birth. This figure represents the incorporation of the pregnant identity into your life."

The figure was individually hand created in resin from a cast from Molly's original clay sculpture. This Goddess is meant to be a companion Goddess, to travel with you, to share your experiences and stories, and to bless your space--your desk, your greenhouse, your office, your pocket, with her power and essence. She is three inches tall and very sturdy--she can get wet or be dropped without being damaged.

Each figure is handmade and has small imperfections due to handcrafting such as trim marks, seams, fingerprints, or bubbles that make them unique. She measures 3.25" in height by 1.25" at the base. 

These beautiful Goddess statues are handmade by Brigid's Grove