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Rhiannon Goddess Set, Celtic Goddess of Transformation

$ 20.00

Treat yourself or a loved one with this Rhiannon Goddess Set from Inked Goddess Creations.

Rhiannon is the Celtic Goddess associated with horses, inspiration, the moon, and transformation. She rides her white horse, which is symbolic of moving stagnant energy forward in the right direction, and inspires women to tap into their own energy to accomplish their dreams no matter what. She helps people using the power of the moon, and often contacts those in need through their dreams. Her signature blend of Frankincense, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Orange can be found throughout all of her specially blended products. A soapstone horse talisman is included in this set, to help you further connect with Rhiannon.

These Goddess Sets were put together to honor each Goddess and help one align with the Goddess's energy. Each Goddess has her own signature blend here at Inked Goddess Creations, one that was heavily researched to resonate with the Goddess. The gemstones or talismans were also carefully chosen, so you get a full Goddess connection experience in each set!

Each Goddess Set contains an Informational Card about your Goddess, a Votive Jar Candle, a Goddess Perfume Oil, a full-sized Goddess Mist and a gemstone or talisman that resonates with your Goddess. You can read more about the blends in their independent listings, by running a search for the Goddess in our search bar at the top of the page!

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*Metaphysical properties of our products are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.

Customer Reviews

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What a sweet set!

As a first time follower of Rhiannon, and a brand new Inked Goddess customer, this set called out to me as a great place to start my journey... I was right! This is such a sweet set! I love everything about it! And the little horse talisman is just adorable. First horse then Rhiannon had been calling me for a while, I couldn't believe it when I saw this set. Perfect timing gets me all the time. :)


As a follower of Rhiannon I LOVE this box so much that I convinced my friend to get one aswell, everything smells amazing and very thought out! I use the oil and spray to raise my vibration when I'm feeling down

Amazing energy from this gift set

I purchased this set as a treat for me and the energy contained within this set is amazing. I love the information card that came with it and I am in love with the citrus toned roll on oil. The candle burns quite clean and even, if not within a large draft, of course. This set will get lots of use. I plan on purchasing more sets in the future.

Warm, Sweet, & Refreshing!

I love the little info cards that come with these boxes! This one has a summary of Rhiannon’s history on the back. The candle is a medium, warm-toned purple, with a warm, sweet, and feminine smell to it. The palm wax always creates such interesting patterns on these candles too... The smell of the goddess oil is so refreshing, with a surprising, warm sweetness. It reminds me a bit of almond flavoring, mixed with orange. The flowers in the mist bottle are so pretty. The smell is fresh & sharp & sweet, with some bright, woodsy notes. It smells very wild and alive! I love the little horse too, and the pretty bag that it comes in... I’m very excited about this set!