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Sea Trinkets Set for Ocean Magick

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Add some ocean energy to your altar or sacred space with the Sea Trinkets Set from Inked Goddess Creations.

Each Sea Trinkets Set contains 7 items collected from all over the world to help you practice ocean magick and increase the elemental water energy in your sacred space. A card with the metaphysical properties of each item is included with the satin bag. Each bag contains:

  • 1 Starfish from the Phillippines
  • 1 Holey Stone from the coast of Israel
  • 1 Sea Urchin Spine
  • 1 Sea Cookie from the coast of Florida
  • 1 Piece of Sea Glass from the Dominican Republic
  • 1 Piece of Driftwood from the coast of California
  • 1 Sea Snail Shell from the Indian Ocean 

Each purchase is for 1 bag, containing the 7 items listed. Please allow for natural variations in size, shape and coloring of each item, as they are all formed by nature.  Other items in picture are not included in the order, and are for size reference.

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*Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations' products are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.