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Small Spiral Powder Incense Burner- 1 Hour Burn Time

$ 4.00 $ 7.50

Scent your home or sacred space in a unique way with the Small Spiral Powder Incense Burner from Inked Goddess Creations.

The Spiral symbol represents the neverending cycle of birth, life and death. It reminds us that everything is connected, and watching the burning spiral can induce a meditative state, much like following a labyrinth can do. 

These Azenta brand ceramic incense burners are a beautifully unique way to burn incense. Simply pour the powdered incense onto the burner to fill the coil, pat it down with the powder tamp (included), light the end, and watch your incense burn through the shape while scenting your home or sacred space with a pure incense aroma. Each burner does come with instructions, so you have those with you until you get the swing of things.

The Small Spiral burner measures approximately 3" in diameter. Each set comes with 1 burner, 1 ash removal brush, 1 powder tamp and 1 instruction sheet. Powdered incense is NOT included- we put it in the picture so you can see what the powdered incense looks like, for help with ordering. It is recommended to only burn Azenta Powder Incense in these burners, and you can purchase that through our store, as well, by clicking here.

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