Sterling Silver Moon Poison Ring

Inked Goddess Creations

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Stow away your witchy potions in a stylish Sterling Silver Moon Poison Ring from Inked Goddess Creations.

Poison rings have been used for hundreds of years to hide away secret potions, pills or even poison. Originating in ancient India, poison rings were often used by ancient Roman aristocrats to commit suicide when faced with torture, or to always have on hand when faced with their enemies. During the middle ages, poison rings became a less-evil accessory, often housing perfume, portraits of loved ones, or locks of hair from loved ones or saints, as a form of protection against evil spirits. 

Nowadays, Poison Rings can house your favorite solid perfume or balm, resins, or tiny mementos that you want to carry with you all day long.

This Moon Poison Ring is made of sterling silver, with small scrollwork engraved on the sides. The crescent moon opens to reveal a small chambered area, where you can hide your witchy potions.

Each listing is for 1 Sterling Silver Moon Poison Ring, in your choice of size. We currently only carry sizes 6-9, and no half sizes. 

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