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Supernatural Inspired Charm Bracelet

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Join Sam and Dean on their hunting adventures with this "Supernatural" inspired charm bracelet from Inked Goddess Creations.

Made from stainless steel and pewter, this bracelet includes (from left to right in the pictures above):

~ Moose charm (Crowley's pet name for Sam)
~ Impala charm
~ Gun charm (with a star on the handle, to represent the Colt)
~ Angel wing charm (Castiel)
~ Pentacle charm
~ Glass Vial filled with Salt (sealed so it stays safe)
~ Knife charm
~ Dean's amulet charm
~ Squirrel charm (Crowley's pet name for Dean)

The charms are attached to a surgical stainless steel chunky chain and comes full circle with a lobster clasp. The bracelet measures approximately 7.5" in length.

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